Nigel Couter Craniosacral Therapy and Bowen Technique Surbiton, Kingston, and Walton on Thames, Surrey
Gosport near Portsmouth

Craniosacral Therapist and Bowen Technique Practitioner in Surbiton / Kingston, and Walton on Thames, Surrey, with treatments also available in Gosport, Hampshire


Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle way for the therapist to work with the body using light touch. It supports the body's innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself. It can have a profound effect on symptoms and their underlying causes from simple aches and pains to the most chronic or persistent problems, such as previous trauma. See my Craniosacral Therapy page for more details, and click here to see the Association's website.


Bowen Technique involves the therapist making light and precise moves over muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, nerves and skeleton to realign and balance the body. It can be used to treat the body as a whole or can target a specific problem. The Bowen Technique may help many conditions such as back pain, sciatica, migraine, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome etc ......the list is not exhaustive. See my Bowen Technique page via the link on the left for more details, and click here to see the Bowen Association website.

Nigel offers Craniosacral Therapy and Bowen Technique treatments and more from clinics in...

  • Surbiton, very close to the mainline railway station, and near to Kingston upon Thames
  • Gosport, Hampshire, near to Portsmouth, at the Serenity clinic
  • Walton On Thames, in Surrey.

  • Other Therapies

    Integrated Myofascial Therapy (IMFT)is a whole body, multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare. It incorporates an integration of tried and tested advanced soft tissue techniques which are drawn from a variety of fascial healthcare systems involving amongst others craniosacral therapy and Barnes Myofascial Release. As the result of the therapist applying gentle pressure though his hands in specific areas that he has selected, restrictions in the fascia that may have arisen from physical injuries, excessive stress and poor posture, are released. More information is available on the Myofascial Release UK website.

    Supporting Therapies
    In order to increase opportunities of clients responding to treatment, Nigel has trained in two other areas that can be used to support the main therapies. These are:

    Advice on Healthy Eating. As diet can cause or aggravate health problems, it is sometimes beneficial to include in the treatment plan muscle testing, using the Kinesiology method, to identify whether the client has food sensitivities. Food sensitivities may cause aches and pains in muscles and joints, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines etc.

    Somatic Movements can be taught so that after treatment, if practised regularly, they can prevent muscles from recalling previous habitual maladaptive movements.

    All of the above therapies are available in Surbiton / Kingston, and Walton on Thames, Surrey, and at Serenity, in Gosport, Hampshire, near to Portsmouth.

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